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Matting Case Study

Matting 2

Overview of Customer’s Project and Needs

A customer was looking to replace its traditional matting system with mats that provide better traction, stability, and spill protection. The customer also wanted a meaningful cost savings over other foundation mats.

Solutions Provided by Bar Star

Bar Star’s SiteSeal™ mats were the ideal solution for this customer’s needs. Without compromising durability, SiteSeal™ provides a stable traction surface for adverse weather conditions and saves over 50% in trucking. It also effectively protects the underlying primary containment from damage while providing secondary spill protection within the mat.

ResultsCrane 2

We were able to save this customer over 60% in trucking compared to traditional rig mats. After days of freezing rain and a foot of snow, the SiteSeal’s™ traction surface provided superior grip and stability for the safety of onsite personnel. Heavy equipment had no problem performing on the mats even without outrigger pads.


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