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Industrial Matting Systems

Mobile Matting Solutions For Every Application

At Bar Star, we are dedicated to being on the leading edge of industry technology. We take ordinary solutions and redesign them to get the job done safer, quicker, and greener.  Our long-term goal is to consistently introduce new products that benefit our customers pocket book, but also the environment.

We choose to use a fibrous core when manufacturing our mats because it is significantly more sustainable than plastic. We use locally sourced materials with low carbon footprints that are recyclable, reusable and biodegradable.  If there is a greener way to manufacture our products we do it. We provide our customers with sustainable solutions that result in carbon offset credits and a reduction in their overall carbon footprint

We can custom design a mat to fit your projects needs.  Our mats come with different options depending on if you need a solid top surface, spill containment, interlocking edges, traction surface, and so on.

Our SiteSealTM and Access Mats are in stock and ready to be used on your location.

  • Access mats for hard to reach areas
  • Temporary roadways during construction, military operations and disaster relief
  • Ground protection for environmentally sensitive areas
  • Foundations for basecamps, fuel storage and staging areas
  • Aviation mats for taxiways, landing pads, runways and maintenance pads
  • Primary and secondary containment pads
  • Event Flooring
  • Warehouse and maintenance flooring
  • Work Platforms