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Bar Star Energy – Custom Fabrication Services

At Bar Star Energy, our shop facilities have the manpower, equipment and expertise needed to custom fabricate any additional equipment that a client may require. Our experience with custom fabrication work has allowed us to fulfill many non-standard needs to help clients get the job done. With our experience, we can build anything your job needs.

Our high end welding and custom fabrication process enables us to build equipment quickly and adhere to the highest quality standards. For detail work we have a CNC Plasma Table which enables us to cut much faster, finer, and more consistently than oxy-acetylene torches.

With our multiple locations and trucking capabilities, we can deliver completed projects right to the work site. Let us know about the custom fabrication needs you have, and we will provide one price for a custom piece, built to your specifications and delivered to your location.

Case Studies

Take a look at these informative case studies to learn about some of the custom fabrication solutions Bar Star Energy provided for our clients.

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Custom Fabrication Shale Bin in Progress
Custom Fabrication Flare Box
Custom Fabrication Skids for Turbines