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SiteSeal™ Industrial Matting System

Companies rely on matting to navigate environmentally sensitive and rough terrain that might otherwise be impassable.  With a stable foundation, equipment and vehicles can mobilize to a job site quicker, safer, and with less impact.  Temporary shelters and staging areas are kept out of the mud and reclamation is kept to a minimum.  Mats create an all-around more work friendly environment with considerably less impact.

Bar Star provides the most durable and complete location matting on the market today with our industry-first, patented SiteSealTM (protected by Pat. No. 9,422,688, and other US and foreign patents pending) matting system. Our mats have proven to be the best combination of performance, safety, economics and sustainability available.  We can provide your project with temporary roadways and solid top work areas in a variety of options and configurations to suit your needs.

Why use our mats?

  • Preferred alternative to plastic and wood matting
  • Most square footage per truck load compared to competing mats
  • Flat storage inside standard ISO shipping containers
  • Easy, safe installation
  • Superior compressive and structural strength
  • Phytosanitary certifiable
  • Field tested successfully supporting equipment and vehicle loads exceeding 200,000 lbs
  • Proprietary coating prevents contaminants from being absorbed by mat
  • Durable traction surface provides a safe, stable, and mud-free work foundation
  • Prevents rutting, vegetation disturbance and spills
  • Extremely durable, holds up to the most extreme oilfield and construction conditions
  • Reduces well site construction costs by replacing need for aggregate base
  • Conforms to uneven terrain
  • Reduces weather related delays
  • Significantly more sustainable than plastic mats
  • Custom fit to your site specifications
  • Vacuum placement system allows for quick, safe placement
  • Turnkey trucking and installation services available from Bar Star