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Access Mats

Projects rely on access mats to navigate environmentally sensitive and rough terrain that might otherwise be impassable.  With a stable foundation, equipment and vehicles can mobilize to a job site quicker, safer, and with less impact.  Temporary shelters and staging areas are kept out of the mud and reclamation is kept to a minimum.  Mats create an all-around more work friendly environment with considerably less impact.  Bar Star Energy can provide your project with temporary roadways and solid top work areas in a variety of options and configurations to suit your needs.

If superior traction is required, we can upgrade our standard access mat to include a custom grip surface.  Our proprietary traction surface outperforms other mats in wet and icy conditions.  Additionally, we can add a durable coating to both sides to discourage moisture retention and improve durability.  These improvements create a high performance mat that gives vehicles and equipment vital access to the work site in extreme conditions.

Our access mats are environmentally friendly, UV and temperature tolerant, anti-static, 100% recyclable, and fully customizable to fit any job site.  Our unique pricing structure and low manufacturing cost make it agreeable to any project budget.  Whether it’s new construction, regular maintenance, or critical access to utilities following a natural disaster, put Bar Star’s access mats to work on your next location.

If spill containment is what your project requires, we also have our SiteSealTM mat that provides all the benefits of the custom grip surface with a built-in spill resistant barrier.